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ALSO: From a West Group on Facebook - Update From approximately 9:30 PM 11/9/12 You may have to be a FB member to see this so the text follows for those who are not members:

Gary Angelo Galiano
WEST RECOUNT UPDATE: Well I must say this is very exhausting. And on top of it very frustrating. Tonight OUR PATRIOTS HAVE SHOWED UP IN FORCE!! At around 7- 8 at least 30-40 PATRIOTS CAME IN and it was sure needed because it was dying down before that and we were running out of watchers and we were getting nervous..(we dont want to leave a table alone in fear they will change t
he ballots).As soon as the murphy trolls saw this they ABANDONED SHIP!! ...Then the food showed up, people who we've never seen before, some complete strangers bought sandwiches, sodas, water, snacks, and Melinda Campanale Galiano showed back up after a break with 5 giant pizzas. Everyone got re-energized and back to work they went......I feel we have the votes we need for a full recount. The attorneys never left and are very helpful with all are questions. The supervisor is a MISERABLE RUDE INDIVIDUAL. She HATES us. She continually threatens us. When we ask about the MILITARY BALLOTS? Answer, none of your business!.You cant ask her anything without getting the look of death, and you have to be careful not to get pissed because she will have the cops there in a second, we saw this last night when she had the cops take out an elderly gentleman for standing up at the table to get a better view..... She talks down to all our girls, our girls have more class in their toe nails then the bitch has in her whole disgusting body. .....Enough about the b.......I am so proud to be apart of this but more proud of the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS and NEW friends I have made that will stop at NOTHING TO GET THE TRUTH and PUT ALLEN WEST BACK WHERE HE BELONGS!...They thought we were sleeping and move on after the election, OH HOW WRONG they WOKE THE SLEEPING GIANT!...more updates later on.

Cassie Simpson
thanks for this list I'll send it out to my email list 
  • November 12, 2012
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Safari Woman
thanks Cassie!
  • November 12, 2012
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